5 comments on “How I Received Healing For Cancer by Ann Windsor

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  2. Hi, Ann,
    Your testimony is a wonderful encouragement. I just sent it to my husband Ron. He’s three and a half years into his colon cancer diagnosis. He has had two surgeries and is in round three of chemo. He has wanted to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, too. At one point of prayer before the second round of chemo and before the second surgery and this third round of chemo, he heard, “Let the doctors do what they will, I will heal you.” We trust in that promise, but he does need encouragement as the fruit of the surgeries and the chemo have been very frustrating, wearing and wearying. Thank you for agreeing with us in prayer for his total healing. Praise God for your victory report. God is good all the time. He is faithful and He will do it! In His love,

  3. It’s great that this lady has faith, but she also had an operation. The doctors removed her cancer. Why doesn’t she mention this? Where is the thanks to the dr’s who removed her cancer? Has she thanked them for their service, for dedicating their lives to practicing medicine, for their years of education, for their skill during surgery? Even with faith, where is the mention of being thankful to God for pairing her with a doctor who could remove the cancer? Where is the disclaimer for those in similar situations to listen to their doctors? Yes, even still with faith.

    • I would like to add a comment to your comment.
      I did have the Dr. remove my cancer. That is what the Lord told me to do and they did a wonderful job of that. But that is all the Lord instructed me to do. The cancer was the size of a pea and was removed in outpatient surgery in about 45 minutes. I was no more burden to my doctor than one follow up visit. My point in sharing my testimony is not to put down doctors, but to show people who can’t afford a lot of treatments, that Jesus is the best treatment and His treatments are free. Insurance coverage in this country is changing drastically. Older people are being denied treatment now. Jesus is the only hope for many. I wanted to be an example to them that Jesus CAN do it even if they can’t afford a doctor’s care or treatment. People can get very offended in thinking I am saying people don’t need to go to the doctor or don’t have faith. That is not my intention at all. I am holding forth a totally new perspective. People in foreign countries have used this approach for a long time. For many, all they have is the power of God to heal them.

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